Astigmatism Correction Testimonial


In this astigmatism correction testimonial, Cathy Luh explains how the doctors at Cohen Eye Associates corrected her astigmatism with a special lens. She has struggled with her eyesight since fourth grade. Now, she can spot and study birds better than ever before.

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Cathy Luh (00:06) I've been his patient for several decades. What happened for me is I have been telling people I haven't seen this well since fourth grade because he put in a lens that fixed the astigmatism. Cathy Luh (00:33) I don't know how you get astigmatism. I don't know if you're born with it or what. But anyway, for my whole life, the contact lenses, even the PRK surgery, never could fix the astigmatism but this crazy lens did. Cathy Luh (00:52) Like Bill, I'm now a better birder. It seems kind of not fair. It's almost like cheating. I didn't have to study the birds better. I just can see them better. That's the scoop.

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