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In this cataract surgery testimonial, William Thompson describes his experience at Cohen Eye Associates. He was very nervous about the procedure, but our doctors put him at ease by explaining what to expect in great detail. Since his surgery, he has noticed that the world is much brighter, and he sees colors more clearly.

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William Thompson (00:05) I've been coming to Dr. Cohen and Cohen Eye Associates for decades now. Recently, I developed cataracts. And even more recently, I had increasing trouble with my vision such that I could no longer watch the golf ball that I hit, and not because I was hitting it any farther. And also, we do bird watching, and I was unable to see what everybody else was seeing. William Thompson (00:32) So Dr. Cohen explained that I was going to need my cataracts fixed. And I was both relieved and anxious. Relieved because I expected that maybe things would be better with my vision and anxious because these are my eyes. But Dr. Cohen took great pains to explain in detail what would be done and what I could expect. Now, I'm a retired physician, so I was really very appreciative of his taking the time to go over things in great detail. He also helped me with deciding which lens to use after my cataracts. William Thompson (01:13) We went ahead and did the cataract surgery, and I was amazed at how easy it went. The hardest thing was getting up so early in the morning. Actually, if you think about it, the surgery itself was pretty interesting. After the surgery, the directions were clear as to what I needed to do and things went very smoothly. I didn't have any pain at all after the surgery, and gradually, over a few days, my provision improved. I was amazed at a couple of things. William Thompson (01:45) One thing was that all of a sudden the world seemed brighter. Previously, I think things had been dark and had progressed that slowly, so that I didn't even realize that it was that way. William Thompson (01:58) The other thing was that I began to see colors so much more clearly. I paint watercolor a little bit from time to time, and all of a sudden now, I could see the blues that I didn't realize I'd lost before. William Thompson (02:12) So I'm extremely grateful for the care that I received, but also for the results, such excellent results after the surgery.

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